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Ohno Satoshi: I’m much more likely to get angry at myself than at others. Whenever I fail to accomplish what I’ve decided to achieve, I feel like, ‘Ah… I’m no good.’ *laugh* After all, one who’s mentally weak is no good.


Ohno Satoshi: To me, my fans are as important and precious as myself. I don’t think of the fans as ‘others’, but parts of my own. I can only be happy when every one of you is happy, as if every one of you who supports ARASHI is Ohno Satoshi.


Ohno Satoshi: Perhaps you’re not that good from the beginning. People has their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s all about the effort. Maybe one’s not naturally gifted, but I believe those who ‘commit to the things they love and push themselves to extreme’ are what we called ‘a genius’.


no-non Jan 2012

Fame [ Rising Expectations ]

“When there is a contract offered for a new production, I still think ‘Really? You’re kidding!’ There is a bigger sense of hesitation than there is joy. But then I think I learned how to emotionally prepare myself from that point on. One and only thing I try to be conscious about during work is to ‘have fun’. I don’t think about anything else. I used to feel responsible and pressured in the past, but over-thinking tires you out doesn’t it? LOL Besides, while I’m thankful for having a main part, it isn’t that special either. Because I think movies and dramas are made by gathered effort of everyone involved.”

Act [ Acting ]

I prepare myself by trying to figure out how to be expressive before acting of course. If what I do is okay then that’s fine, but if the director has a certain request, then that becomes my goal. Emotions can be controlled however I want to, so I try a different approach to reach that goal. The level of my tension differs depending on the production. For example, anything goes with Kaibutsu-kun so it’s easier. I am more nervous with serious roles. When I did stage plays, I was so very focused. “

Art [ drawing/painting ]

“I still hold very intense love for drawing/painting as I did before. I did Kaibutsu-kun related drawings when I was doing the show. There was a project I started right after that and was put on hold. I picked it up again and that’s what I’m working on. I usually set a deadline to finish a project, but this time I’m planning to keep working on it until I am satisfied. To me, art is something I can’t quit, but it also isn’t something I expect to perfect. I just want to continue drawing/painting. So it may very well not be just a hobby for me. What is it then? I don’t really know myself.”

Performance [ Expressions ]

“Performing, such as singing or dancing is also what I can lose myself in. It started out as just pure fun, and it’s not like I wanted to have my performance filmed and preserved as production or be watched by people. So it feels strange to be expected to perform as part of work. I feel lucky to have my work preserved in the form of CDs and DVDs. But I’m not suited for the “cutting it looking cool” type expression, like the photo shoot we are doing today (for this page)! Because I’m not cool and I can’t cut it. I’m probably not the type who should even attempt that. “ - translated by the wonderful song-for-me@tumblr. Thank you!

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大野智:ライブ前は心の中でお祈りする。「メンバーとスタッフをお守りください」って。 怪我しないように。僕はいいです。僕は全然大丈夫ですから。

Ohno Satoshi: I always pray before every LIVE starts ‘Please look after our members and staff.’ Do not injure themselves. It’s okay for myself, nothing important.


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